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This blog is created using Gatsby + Netlify CMS

Netlify CMS admin page

I was thinking of creating my own blog.

Using Wordpress is good option, but I want another because I want to study Javascript in addition.

Therefore, I started creating blog using Gatsby and Netlify CMS.

Gatsby is static site generator using React.

It`s based on React, so you can easily customize views using React.

Netlify is static hosting service which has many features such as DNS, CMS and SSL.

It`s basically free to use, and I only paid for my domain( and automatically applied to my blog.

It also provides CI / CD support with git hosting service such as GitHub, which is convenient for developers.

With Nelify CMS, you can manage content similar to Wordpress.

I used this starter with has above features.

Just click Deploy to netlify, and Netlify clones repo, build gatsby, and deploy automatically.

I`ll share some tips later.